Cicli Elios Clan officially landed in the UK at the Cycleshow 2016

Simone and I have just got back from an excellent 4 days Cycling visit  in the United Kingdom with a more profound knowledge of the the exciting British cycling market.

Day 1 meant leaving Orio-Serio airport (Bergamo) destination London Stanstead on the 21st of September with the 2 o’clock Ryanair flight. Bang on time as usual and then a quick ‘Budget‘ Car hire pick up off we went to our first destination and stop-off at the lovely market town ‘Market Harborough‘ in a superb ‘Travel lodge‘ accommodation.  Quick traditional English supper in a local pub then straight to bed for an early morning rise and a cross country drive… destination NEC Birmingham – Cycle Show.

Day 2 started with a 6.00 morning rise then a relaxed drive to NEC Birmingham – Cycle Show .Quick coffee and strategy talk then the networking began. Thanks to Stephen Morgan (Upper Street Events –  event manager) who invited us to the show for the service and warm reception!
We met up with our special Italian cycling partner friends who had a stand at the show ( FSA, URSUS..) and also met up with Vic’s special cycling friends  built up in his 40 years of his Uk Cycling Experience. We had the opportunity in seeing the current market trends and retailing strategies set on the British Cycling scenario.

After a full day of intense work: meeting brands, shops and media partners (Cycling weekly..). Our first goal was achieved and Simone and I set off for our next travel lodge destination ‘Tamworth’ and Vic and the CicliElios van  set off for his 3 hour drive back home to his Uk Ambassador base – Southend. 

Day 3 was dedicated to Research and Benchmarking directly onsite in local Cycling shops in the the following areas Rutland (Rutland Water Cycling) and Peterborough (Greenwheel Cycling and Halfords). Yet again such a warm welcome and hospitality. So much precious information and knowledge was taken on. Cicli Elios is really going to make a huge impact to the United Kingdom after this visit!

Day 4 marked the end to our whirlwind tour of 4 counties in the central area of England. So to finish in style we decided to visit the heart of British Cycling ‘Cambridge’. So many bicycles and excellent cycle paths. You can really see that cycling is way of life here. Popped by Primo Cycles and Evan Cycles for more Market research and more fine-tuning to our strategy.
Our business Lunch was set in a very relaxing pub in the picturesque settings of Grantchester  – a quick ten minute drive away from Cambridge. We highly recommend visiting this village if you are ever in the Cambridge area.

Towards 2 o’clock sadly, it was time to catch the flight back to Italy. Simone and I just wanted to say to thank everyone and invite you to visit our UK Cicli Elios site and social media pages to keep up to date with all our news and developments.





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